10pA of current resolution.

Led or Xenon based Bias Light

Voltage dependent IPCE.

LabVIEW based routines.

Optional : 4 devices measured in parallel.


Arkeo Flayer (PDF)





Solar cell spectral response/IPCE


An all-in-one measurement platform


4 devices measured in parallel;

Transient dark/SUN JV (prebias, hysteresis,…);

Jsc/Voc vs Light intensity;

Transient photo-current/voltage analysis;

Charge extraction;

Temperature resolved analysis;


Stability measurements with looped routines;

P&O Maximum Power Point Tracker




Tunable Optical Source


Real-time DAQ & controller

Holder- XYZ stage – Led Ring


JV module:

  • JV from Dark to 2 SUN
  • Jsc/Voc vs Light intensity;
  • Transient JV
  • Prebias, hysteresis and overshoot analisys;

Transient module:

  • Small and High perturbation Transient photo-current/voltage analysis;
  • CELIV (dark & illuminated);
  • Charge extraction (dark & illuminated);

Harmonic module:

  • EIS

Stability module:

  • P&O Maximum Power Point Tracker with looped routines.

Thermal module:

  • Peltier based  active controller (0 to 90 °C +/- 0.5 °C);
  • Dedicated Holder;

Electro-luminescence module:

  • CCD Spectrometer (300 to 1100 nm)
  • Transient EL

Illuminator module

  • 0.1 to 200 mW/cm2 (0.001 to 2 SUNs equivalent)
  • 10 cm2 of spot size
  • Pulsed or Continuous
  • Fully customizable design on request

JV module

  • 4 parallel source meters: +/-10V +/-100mA
  • Transient dark/SUN JV (prebias, hysteresis and overshoot analisys,…);
  • JV Versus Light Intensity




  • Sample holder
  • Sealed Test Chamber


  • IPCE upgrade

Transient module

  • High and Small perturbation Transient Photo Voltage/Current module (rise and fall);


  • CELIV (dark and illuminated)


  • Logarithm sampling: increasing time scale without affecting the transient informations.

Harmonic module

EIS (dark or illuminatef)

  • 100 mHz to 500 kHz




  • 100 mHz to 500 kHz
  • Large area illumination (10 cm2)
  • White or monochromatic LED source

Stability module

P&O Maximum Power Point Tracker with illumination ranging from 0 to 2 SUN (equivalent).


Fresh and Aged comparison with unequaled reliability


Thermal module

  • A peltier based TEC module allows to fine tune the themperature of the device.


  • 0 to 90 °C for standard TEC module  (extended range on request)


  • Customized holder


  • Thermal resolved analysis in one click !

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